Currents Deep and Deadly

“You can truly believe you have a handle on how your little slice of life fits into the whole pie. But just when you think pepperoni is all you’ll ever need, someone dumps a bunch of mushrooms and peppers on top, and suddenly a mind-blowing revelation smacks you in the mouth. My name is Darcy Farthing, and this is my slice-of-life-with-everything-on-it story.” Darcy Farthing–Currents Deep and Deadly 

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In three intertwining chronicles blended into one fast-paced journey, Darcy Farthing offers tidbits of history and geography from her travel log of South American seaports, spins a tale of murder and madness aboard a cruise ship, and reveals her own devastating but enlightening personal crisis. A pragmatic scientist by nature, she has given up all belief in a spiritual component to life. That is, until a series of unbelievable coincidences challenges her non-belief…

Through a series of unbelievable coincidences, Darcy meets the man who could be her soul mate, battles a psychotic shipboard killer, and runs headlong into her carefully hidden past—a past she has worked so hard to forget. She breaks free of her emotional prison—but at what price? The wondrous and terrifying events of this monthlong adventure meld together in ways that threaten to destroy her entire belief system…and her life.

Book Review:

“I loved the pace of this book. Alleman takes her time drawing you into the character’s lives and introducing you to their personal struggles that brought them aboard the luxury cruise liner in the first place. After you have formed an attachment to those characters she begins dropping bodies, building the suspense and teasing with just enough information and clues to make you think you know the killer’s identity. Believe me, you don’t. The story is completely unpredictable (as a good mystery should be). I enjoyed getting to know Darcy and found her character relatable in many ways. This book is a complex and thrilling read that delivers more than just mystery. The attraction between Darcy and Mick and their own personal beliefs and demons make for a great sub-plot. She is a real woman with her own personal struggles like any other which makes her quite appealing to me. This is a realistically drawn book and series based on what I believe to be extensive research, making it wholly believable. Very close to a story one would see featured on Dateline NBC with a tag line of “Murder and Mystery aboard a Luxury Cruise: When Vacations Turn Deadly” set to dramatic music. “Currents Deep and Deadly” is well worth adding to your to-read list and Arleen Alleman is a name to watch as I suspect she has only just begun adding titles to her impressive, suspenseful and thrilling collection of mysteries.” –G. Jackson

Currents Deep and Deadly

Chapter 24

For a while Suzanne and I had a pretty good time meandering down the narrow streets, then ducking out of the blistering sun to browse boutiques and souvenir shops.  We even stopped for a beer and shared a chicken and hearts of palm empanada at a cute outdoor café, where I slouched with my fancy beaded flip-flops dangling from the ends of my toes and just tried to feel like a wealthy tourist.

Our wandering also took us past an extraordinary number of beautiful churches and religious statuary dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and Suzanne seemed positively enthralled by them.  As we stood in front of a four-hundred-year-old convent contemplating a marble statute of Christ that I couldn’t help noticing had been rendered with a remarkably European face, Suzanne looked up and said, “Praise the Lord.”  I looked over at her and was taken aback by the somewhat crazed expression of awe on her face.  Almost immediately she rearranged her features and smiled shyly at me.  “I really am a very religious person,” she said.  Then she abruptly walked on to the next church.


 Currents Deep and Deadly – Longer Description

In her travel log of murder, romance, and a personal journey of discovery aboard a cruise ship, Darcy Farthing manages to entertain the reader with her descriptions of Caribbean and South American ports, while also detailing the horrific and wondrous events that take place during her four week adventure. A pragmatic scientist by nature, she says she has given up all belief in a spiritual component to life and knows that coincidences are either man-made or chance occurrences that seem related but have no significance. That is, until a series of unbelievable coincidences challenges her belief.

In telling her story, she lays bare her “nonexistent” soul and the deeply hidden emotions she has kept in a fragile prison of cold logic and denial for 20 years. She is a savvy, professional woman who has been fighting her internal demons ever since she made a colossal mistake in her personal life from which she knows she can never recover. But on a hastily planned cruise with Dr. Peter Johnson, her latest romantic interest, Darcy’s non-belief system is shaken when she is confronted with a set of bewildering and frankly unbelievable coincidences that bring together a tangle of strangers, and people and events from her own past. She simply cannot accept that so many of these related events could happen by chance.

Darcy is already feeling trapped on the gigantic floating village when she accidentally overhears discussions about a murder for hire plot. Then when members of the crew begin to die under suspicious circumstances, she learns the hard way that she cannot trust anyone onboard the ship. She is forced to run for her own life as she tries to identify both the intended victim of the plot and the murderer before even more disaster strikes. These experiences are frightening to say the least and at worst, they threaten to upset her emotional balance and shatter her fragile mental defenses. Worse still, these terrible events seem to be connected to her past in ways she cannot fathom.

She gets some much-needed help in unraveling the maritime mystery from her new shipboard friends including Mick Clayton, a stranger who she soon realizes could be the man she has been waiting for to complete her life. But Mick is traveling under his own emotional cloud and soon more disturbing events also link him with Darcy’s past and a suspected murderer.

All the while, Darcy and her shipmates try as best they can to enjoy the unique geography, architecture, and history of the exotic ports of call they are visiting along the way around the South American continent. Finally, as the cruise sails through its final week the mystery appears to be solved and Darcy believes that further tragedy has been averted. Onshore in a beautiful Argentine city she experiences the greatest upheaval of her life when the mother of all coincidences finally brings her face to face with the past she has worked so hard to forget.

She experiences the pain of breaking out of her emotional prison when she meets the one person who will either fulfill her life or destroy her completely. While Darcy finds much needed closure to one chapter of her life, the cruise sails on to what promises to be a restful and romantic end. However, just short of their destination Darcy and Mick meet with unimaginable violence and loss when they are finally forced to confront and battle a vicious killer.


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