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In the News

A Current Deception PR: More adventure riding dangerous currents down under.

Alternate Currents selected as finalist in Foreword Review’s 2013 annual book awards     Alternate Currents PR
Alternate Currents is showcased on HBS Author’s Spotlight 
Author interview with Maryann Miller’s It’s Not all Gravy
Arleen Alleman wins 2012 Best Trilogy Award from BooksandAuthors for first three Darcy Farthing novels.
Currents of Vengeance, the second Darcy Farthing novel, is a finalist in the Efestival of Words contest for best mystery/suspense novel of 2013.

Cruise Ship disaster

Photo Courtesy of Gregorio Borgia/Associated Press

 Arleen’s engaging writing and captivating story-telling swept her up into a tidal wave of publicity this past year as cruise ships and cruise ship safety remained in the headlines. 
Just Google: “Author Arleen Alleman” and see how many results come up. You could say Arleen and her books are making a big splash not just in the US but around the globe.
U.S. Law Aimed at Improving Cruise Ship passenger Safety
In 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act, enacting a law with similarities to the one proposed in Alleman’s Currents of Vengeance. The real law, sponsored by Senator John Kerry and Representative Doris Matsui was designed to enhance the personal security of American passengers aboard cruise ships.
On Friday, January 20th, 2012 ABC News’s 20/20 explored the topic in a special called “Cruise Ship Confidential,” and the 18 month deadline Obama set for implementing cruise ship safety in the bill quickly approaches.
GAO Management News Cites Former Employee’s Novels
Retired GAO Analyst CompletesThird Novel (Page 2)
Alleman Releases New Novel (Page 4)
Press Releases
Alternate Currents Press Release



Her story has been picked up by numerous news outlets and media channels. We list the most popular Press Releases and Media pick-ups here:
Author Arleen Alleman Introduces New Book, Currents of Vengeance, as Cruise Ship Safety Remains in Headlines 1/25/12
Author Arleen Alleman’s Second Novel ‘Currents of Vengeance’ is a Series that Appeals to the Luxury Cruise Set as Costa Cruises Accident Remains in Headlines 2/8/12
Bringing Unprosecuted Crimes aboard Cruise Ships to Light-In her mystery adventure series, author Arleen Alleman uses fiction to address this serious issue. 2/19/12
Cruise Ship Safety, Adoption, PTSD and Other Compelling Topics Interwoven into Colorado Author’s New Book 2/24/12
Colorado Author Introduces Relevant Themes That Include PTSD, Adoption and Accountability for Crimes Committed at Sea in New Novel  2/27/12
In Her New Novel, Author From Castle Rock, CO Addresses Cruise Ship Accountability & Inspires Conversations About Murder & Crimes on Cruise Ships 3/5/12
The Signs, Symptoms, and Effects of PTSD: Author Arleen Alleman Uses Fiction to Shed Light on PTSD, the Burgeoning American Epidemic 4/3/12

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